The Strike Started Early


SAN FRANCISCO, California – On Monday night, in anticipation of May Day, demonstrators gathered in Dolores Park to “counter gentrification, capitalism, and the policing of our communities.” The gathering began around 8pm. Following dusk, the black clad group of 150 or so descended from the park to Dolores st.

As the group turned down streets and passed several city blocks, the sounds of smashing windows and hissing flares filled the air. Expensive cars, a police department, yuppie storefronts were all hit. When police cars drove into the crowd on two occasions, their windows and doors were hit with volleys of rocks and paint filled balloons.

Many passers-by and observers when informed of the crowd’s intentions seemed enthusiastic. One random observer even commented, “an unruly mob? It’s about time.”

The trail of broken glass and paint ended 40 minutes later on South Van Ness when a few dozen police in riot gear finally arrived. At least one person behind police lines documenting the police was arrested.


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