Anaheim Community Attacked for Speaking Out Against Police Murder


ANAHEIM, California – On Saturday afternoon, Anaheim police approached three men for undisclosed reasons including, Manuel Diaz, who then attempted to flee. The altercation ended with the police shooting Diaz [in the buttocks; as Diaz fell to his knees police fired another round into his head]. The police then cuffed the fatally wounded Diaz. Witnesses say that the police overreacted. As community members gathered, they confronted police and demanded answers. Police in turn reacted by unleashing a dog and firing rubber bullets into the crowd that included small children on La Palma Ave. Police reportedly went from house to house in the neighborhood to purchase footage of the shooting incident. As the evening progressed, a “near riot” situation developed, but failed to escalate. According to Orchestrated Pulse, the Anaheim Police are responsible for six shootings already this year.  (via reclaimUC)

A protest is planned for noon (Sunday) in front of the Anaheim police station. UPDATE: Some 50 or so demonstrators protested inside the lobby of the Anaheim police station. Demonstrators plan on returning every Sunday at noon.

Read more on Orchestrated Pulse.


  • Another Anaheim police shooting occurred early Monday morning (23 July). Police allege that the shooting victim, Joel Acevedo, fired at the police. The altercation occurred after a car theft.

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