Anaheim Continues to Speak Out


Photo by @Killuminatii

ANAHEIM, California – On Tuesday, a demonstration against two fatal Anaheim police shootings attempted to bring their voices to a city council meeting. Many were unable to enter and the crowd outside rallied. Eventually police and demonstrators clashed. Police used pepper bullets, rubber bullets, and bean bag rounds on the crowd, reminiscent of police actions only days prior when community members discovered that police had killed Manuel Diaz and confronted officers–only to be shot and have a police dog attack the crowd. As police fired into the crowd on Tuesday, some demonstrators attempting to flee were hit, leaving bloodied injuries[1, 2].

Street skirmishes continued into the evening Tuesday night, as community members were incensed by the extra-judicial killings and the brutal police response to dissent. Reportedly, blunt objects and plastic bottles were thrown at police. Fires were set in trash cans and dumpsters, and several strip mall shops had windows smashed, including Vons, Starbucks, a restaurant, a check cashing store, and a vacant store front. Police fired non-lethal rounds at two journalists. Some 24 people were arrested during the course of the afternoon and evening.

Organizers against the police killings will hold another demonstration outside of an Anaheim Police station on Sunday at noon. In Oakland, a solidarity demonstration is being held on Friday at Oscar Grant Plaza at 5:30pm. In San Francisco, a solidarity action will be held Thursday, 6pm in front of the Ferry  Building. Organizers are holding a solidarity march in Harlem on Friday as well. In Atlanta, a solidarity march will take place starting at Piedmont Park, 8pm Friday. In Seattle, there will be a solidarity anti-police repression march at 8pm on Friday, starting at Edwin T Pratt Park.

Read more on the killing of Manuel Diaz.


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  1. Brent Stone Says:

    Solidarity demo Friday in Atlanta as well:

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