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On Saturday, October 6th, some 150 demonstrators converged on the Financial District of San Francisco against Columbus Day. The demonstration was announced as an anti-colonialism and anti-capitalism convergence. A short rally discussing decolonization preceded a march through Market street. However, within 15 minutes of the beginning of the march, riot police responded to a smattering of property destruction targeting banks and corporate chains by rushing the crowd of marchers. The resulting scuffle ended in 19 arrests. In an effort to ostracize the arrestees, police released photos of arrestees to local newspapers to distribute. Since the arrests, the police have subpoenaed the twitter accounts of two arrestees. The Anti-Colonialism, Anti-Capitalism Nineteen or ACAC19 are requesting that supporters contact the district attorney and demand all charges be dropped.

from SupportTheACAC19:

Recently San Francisco Superior Court Judge Andrew Y.S. Cheng denied demurrers for all but one defendant of the ACAC 19 signaling that the case will most likely go to trial in the coming months. This week we are asking all supporters to fax and call San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascón, starting Monday, December 17th to demand that all charges be dropped against the ACAC 19.

The main phone number for the San Francisco District Attorney’s office is (415) 553-1751.

When calling we suggest something like the following script:

“Hi my name is _______________________ and I am calling in support of 19 anti-colonial anti-capitalists arrested during a protest march on Saturday October 6th. I demand all charges be dropped immediately and an end to the harassment, intimidation, and invasion of privacy of the ACAC 19 by the San Francisco Police Department and District Attorney George Gascón.

Below you will find a fax petition demanding that the San Francisco District Attorney drop all charges against the ACAC 19. To join the petition effort, please follow these simple steps:

1) Go to .
2) Fill out the form with your name and email address under Sender information.
3) Fill out George Gascón under Receiver Name and (415) 575-8815 for the Receiver Fax Line.
4) Copy the text at the bottom of this email into the box that says “Type text to appear on the cover page”. Personalize the text in the box to include your name and also anything else you would like to say.
5) Enter the confirmation code
6) Click the Send Free Fax Now button at the bottom of the box.
7) Check your email and click on the confirmation link. Clicking on this link will actually send your fax.
8) Wait for the email that confirms that your fax has been sent.

Fax message:

Drop All Charges Against the ACAC 19
(Fax Petition)

To: George Gascón
District Attorney of the City and County of San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Fax Line : (415) 575-8815

District Attorney George Gascón:

I am writing in support of nineteen anti-colonial, anti-capitalists (the ACAC 19) who were beaten, arrested and subjected to a media smear campaign by the San Francisco Police Department on October 6, 2012.

I demand that all charges be dropped, all cell phones be returned to their rightful owners, and an end to the harassment, intimidation, and invasion of privacy of the ACAC 19 by the San Francisco Police Department and the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.


This petition can also be emailed to these email addresses:

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