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A Closer Look at one of the Santa Cruz 11

17 June 2012

from SantaCruz11:

Desiree Foster, the youngest of the Santa Cruz Eleven, was arrested on February 8th as she and her boyfriend were leaving her home on her way to the Santa Cruz Courthouse in an attempt to quash her arrest warrant by agreeing to appear in court on a certain date. Instead, she spent the next nine hours sitting on plastic seating watching a deputy-controlled television set, having been arrested for two felony counts, conspiracy and vandalism, and two misdemeanor counts of trespass, with bail set at $5,000. Her mother, suffering from cancer, attempted to raise the $500 to bail out her daughter, when, inexplicably, Desiree was released on her own recognizance.

But the pressure of the felony charges, the financial instability of her family, and the fear and dread that she faced in dealing with her mother’s cancer, proved to be too much. Desiree took an overdose of pills and wound up in Dominican Hospital, treated for a suicide attempt.

Desiree, a passionate and idealistic young woman, had found her voice attending Occupy Santa Cruz general assemblies, and volunteered for many tasks. At home, she and her mother struggled to pay bills. Desiree is her mother’s primary caregiver, as she undergoes chemotherapy. Desiree, like many in her generation, knew that something is inherently wrong with our system if she and her mother had to struggle to keep a roof over their heads while her mom was being treated for cancer. She lived in a world where with or without a college education, young people could not find good jobs. Read more.


A BENEFIT DINNER on SUNDAY JULY 1st to raise money for Desiree Foster’s family will be held at India Joze Restaurant in Santa Cruz between 3PM and 6PM. The first $500 raised will be designated to help the Foster family.

Solidarity Demo with 75River Arrestees

15 February 2012

SANTA CRUZ, California – A week ago, 11 people were arrested over the occupation of the former bank on 75 River st. on 30 November 2011. The occupation was intended to turn the space into a community center hosting a slew of services the city didn’t offer. More people may still be arrested according to mainstream news sources. Charges include a variety of felonies and misdemeanors.

There will be a solidarity demonstration today, Wednesday 15 February, at 3pm on 74 River st. in front of the Wells Fargo branch.

Empty Bank Occupied in Santa Cruz

3 December 2011

SANTA CRUZ, California – An empty bank in downtown Santa Cruz on river and water street has been occupied since 30 November. Initially when police arrived on the scene, around 30 people linked their arms across the entrance to prevent them from entering. [Updated: see below]




Wednesday, 30 November

4:45pm – folks are holding a meeting inside now. One person has been arrested on the other side of the buildings open entrance, but the charges are unclear.

6:30pm – Police are raiding. Occupiers are blockading the primary entrances with desks and sofas. [The police and occupiers went back and forth, pushing the stacked furniture at the doors of the building, but the police failed to gain a foothold. Meanwhile, a larger crowd of 100 or more people partially encircled the 15-30 police in riot gear, stood together with linked arms, and shouted down the police’s attempt to evict occupiers.]


7:00pm – Police just backed off after failing to get in.

8:25pm – So it appears police are staging in various places nearby, but we haven’t seen any sign of police within sight. Currently a GA is happening outside the building. The bank is still occupied.

(above: inside the occupied bank)

10:20pm – The majority of the folks are now inside holding a meeting. The general assembly that began earlier has been over for a while now. No police presence.

Friday, 2 December

Power and water was shut off in the building.

Saturday, 3 December

After a little more than three days of occupying the vacant bank building, occupiers have withdrawn from the space. Although a number of factors appear to have contributed to leaving the space, the constant, legitimate threat of police eviction deterred the space from developing into the community services center occupiers had initially set out to create. As of Saturday evening, people are still trying to clean it up by the self-imposed Sunday afternoon deadline. Despite the clean up effort, some graffiti and damage has been sustained to the building. Read the statement released after withdrawing from the space.

See More:

  • 75River – The vacant bank occupation’s blog.


  • Community garden established on empty lot in SC on Saturday, 3 December.
  • Early on Sunday morning, Santa Cruz County Sheriffs raided the part of the #OccupySantaCruz encampment that erected tents and a geodesic dome in front of the county courthouse.

Support Needed at New Santa Cruz Occupation!

30 November 2011

[The following is a statement provided by an autonomous group occupying an empty bank in downtown Santa Cruz. In the late afternoon after the bank was occupied, police came to evict occupiers, but were unable to do so and retreated to cheers from the crowd. The first night continued the occupation without incident. See their blog.]

The Former Bank
at 75 River Street in Santa Cruz
Has been occupied!

This building is being re-purposed in solidarity with Occupy Santa Cruz. Formerly a bank, the building was bought by Wells Fargo, closed, and has been vacant for the past three years. The company leasing the building manages foreclosures for Wells Fargo.

The building is being re-purposed under Federal and State laws surrounding “adverse possession.” This law states that space is most beneficial to the people who use it. Spaces like this one, reclaimed from the wealthiest 1%, are places where we can seek redress to our grievances.

In the years to come, this space will be used to organize humanitarian efforts, house a library, and provide a forum for discussion. The General Assembly of Occupy Santa Cruz is also invited to use this space.

This building will be a space for the expansion of our movement; please respect it as our new home.

Come join us now at 75 River Street!

If we want to keep this space for our movement it is critical that we have hundreds of people defending it today and tonight. Bring your sleeping bags and snacks and come see our new space. Call and text everyone you know and tell them to hurry down!

May Day party gets underway in Santa Cruz

1 May 2010

SANTA CRUZ, Ca. – A dance party to celebrate International Workers’ Day in Santa Cruz morphed into a black bloc as it traveled through different parts of downtown with hundreds of participants and observers. As the crowd swelled to over 350, torches and flares were lit. The crowd zig-zagged through different side streets, eventually ending back on the main street downtown (Pacific Ave). As the crowd marched back to the clock tower, windows of corporate chains and bourgeois shops were smashed. Police presence was scarce; early on, one police car drove into the crowd to disperse it. Instead of leaving, the dancers stepped around the police car and threw paint on it. Only after the crowd voluntarily dispersed did any police appear.

10:35pm: A torch mob of about 300 people is headed down Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz, with hundreds of observers following. More info to come.

11:00pm: Graffiti: “Brick by brick we will bring it down”; “Destruction is the New Pink”; “Destroy the Destroyers” and others.

11:05pm: photo of people observing the dancers

11:15pm: Several expensive “hipster” stores, corporate chain stores, and bourgeois shops that cater to tourists had their windows smashed.

11:20pm: It’s scattering, with only 2 cop cars nearby.

May Day in Santa Cruz

7 April 2010

SANTA CRUZ, California – The site MayDaySantaCruz has announced plans for a street party in downtown Santa Cruz for May 1st, in recognition of international workers’ day. More details are available on their website.