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Rally Against Police Beating at SFSU

19 May 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, California – On Thursday evening, a number of organizers from the recently evicted squat, SF Commune, were beaten and arrested by city police at San Francisco State University. The organizers were visiting friends living in the dormitories at the university when they were later arrested and charged with a number of offenses including, trespassing, battery, lynching, and conspiracy. Following the arrests, the arrestees required medical treatment at a hospital. Although local news reported that an officer was injured during the incident, friends of the arrestees stated, “[from] the information we [sic] gathered after speaking to the police, the officer suffered from heart palpitations and didn’t receive any direct physical injuries from the individuals involved.” Reportedly, the police officers involved in arresting the organizers also participated in the eviction of the squat earlier that week.

A rally is being organized to respond to the police beating: it’s scheduled for Tuesday at 2pm in the Malcolm X Plaza on the SFSU campus. For more information about the event, visit indybay.


SF Commune Activists Attacked

17 May 2013

from indybay:

Students at SF State are holding a march and demonstration against SF State police brutality, today at 2pm at Malcolm X plaza in response to violent actions by campus police there, Thursday evening.

Seven San Francisco activists were brutally attacked by police and arrested Thursday evening after being invited into the SF State University dorms by students there. Several police officers were harassing a few of the individuals outside of the dorms when they chose to practice their constitutional rights by walking away. The officers followed them into the building and continued to harass them until an altercation occurred when an officer tried to grab and push one of the people involved. The police used unnecessary force in restraining the individuals and several of those involved were sent to the hospital after having sustained injuries. One individual was tazed and another was reportedly shoved into a paddy wagon where police continued to viciously beat him. There is video of the incident circulating on the internet, but much of the brutality wasn’t captured on tape.

The mainstream media is spreading misinformation about the incident. They are claiming that the individuals were “unauthorized” in the dorms, even though they were invited to [sic] there by students and SFSU housing guidelines clearly permit guests. The media also highlights the fact that an officer was injured. From the information we gathered after speaking to the police, the officer suffered from heart palpitations and didn’t receive any direct physical injuries from the individuals involved.

The activists were residents of the SF Commune, an abandoned building that protesters occupied and transformed into a social center and housing for the neighborhood since April of last year. The activists, who cleaned the dilapidated building, made it habitable for the first time in years and planted a blooming garden in the backyard, were welcomed by much of the community for their efforts. The building, on 200 Broad St in the Ocean View neighborhood, was raided by dozens of riot-clad SFPD Wednesday morning, about 36 hours before the incident at SF State; 28 residents were forcibly removed and briefly detained, while three were arrested.

Students and activists are holding the demonstration to call for an end to campus police brutality and harassment of students and visitors. Meet on SF State campus at Malcolm X plaza at 2pm today, Friday May 17.

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UPDATE: Demonstrators gathered for a rally on Friday afternoon, transitioning into a march to an administrative building. The demonstrators spoke with the Vice-President and the Dean of Students.

March 1st Day of Action

1 March 2012

SANTA CRUZ, California – Around 4am Thursday morning, demonstrators shut down all entrances to the UC Santa Cruz campus. As of 5:30am, there are already several hundred demonstrators scattered across the campus entrances.




5:00pm- Demonstrators have kept the UCSC campus shutdown for the entire day with only a handful of reports that some workers were forced through. There are about 300 people at one of the entrances to campus. It rained continuously from early in the morning until a few hours ago, but hundreds of demonstrators have stayed.


8pm – Demonstrators end the shutdown.

SAN DIEGO, California – UCSD demonstrators held a rally at 11:30am which garnered some 250 participants. Demonstrators then proceeded to march to the UCSD Chancellor’s complex and have occupied a conference room with a list of demands directed at UCSD, the UC system, and nationwide. (some contributions via Cuntrastamu!)

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  • A report on actions at SDSU, Mesa College, UCSD, City College – OB Rag

OAKLAND, California – Demonstrators from UC Berkeley joined demonstrators from Laney College in Oscar Grant Plaza for a rally with some 350 people. After the rally, a march from Oakland to Sacramento started in order to meet the March 5th demonstration at the capitol on Monday. Read one the speeches given at Oscar Grant Plaza here.

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  • Four days later on March 5th, hundreds gathered at the state capitol in Sacramento to protest continued cuts to public education. A sit-in inside the capitol building lead to 72 arrests.

Op-Ed: An Account of the Last CSU Trustees Meeting

25 February 2012

On Wednesday, November 16th, I was a part of the California State University anti-austerity protest at Long Beach. The police present beat students and facilitated the passing of the CSU Trustees’ anti-democratic, extortive, and unnecessary fee hike. I was arrested for four violent felonies stemming loosely from the breaking of a door; despite the fact that video evidence has surfaced which clearly exonerates me from breaking the door, and despite the fact that the District Attorney has explicitly rejected these and other charges, the CSU Trustees and their police have been adamant about pinning whatever they can on me, and the Long Beach City Prosecutor has finally caved to their demands. I am facing ridiculous but serious charges—and I need your help to get them dropped. (more…)

CSU Trustees Disrupted

16 November 2011

LONG BEACH, California – While the University of California Regents decided not to meet this week, the Trustees of the California State University system are holding meetings, in part to discuss a tuition proposal that could raise tuition another $498. Protests against the Trustees successfully disrupted the meeting for a while, leading to confrontations between police and demonstrators. Police used pepper spray and beat students in an effort to force students out of the building. A glass door was shattered, and police have reportedly suffered cuts. Four demonstrators have been arrested. As of around noon, the Trustees have approved the $498 or 9% tuition increase in a vote taken behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, the California Faculty Association is organizing a faculty strike at CSU Dominguez Hills and CSU East Bay for tomorrow.

UPDATE: A UCLA undergraduate student was arrested on felony charges related to the door breaking, and is being held on $30,000 bail.  UCLA organizers are working to free the student tonight.

CSU Fullerton Sit-in

20 April 2011

FULLERTON, California – Some 100 students/faculty are holding a sit-in at an administrative building at CSU Fullerton. They began Monday evening, demanding that the president of the campus sign a declaration in protest of the massive budget cuts that are hitting the university. So far students from other CSUs have come in support including from Long Beach, LA, and Sacramento, as well as a group from UC Irvine. Follow their blog.


After four days, President Milton Gordon signed a redrafted letter and demonstrators have ended the sit in.

CSU Sac Occupation Evicted

15 April 2011

Photo from bicyclebarricade

SACRAMENTO, California – On Wednesday, demonstrators from across the 23 campus California State University system protested the severe $500 million budget cuts. At multiple campuses students held rallies and marches, with several entering administrative buildings delivering demands or sitting in for a few hours. At CSU Sacramento, around a 1000 demonstrators rallied, and hundreds marched to the main administrative building on campus, Sacramento Hall. There around a hundred students, faculty, and staff entered the building. They’ve refused to leave until three demands have been met:

1. A moratorium on managerial raises and salaries; Funding must be focused on instruction and student services.

2. Publicly support AB 1326. The oil extraction fee for higher ed bill.

3. Publicly support SB 8. The transparency bill.

Since Wednesday, the occupiers have met with the President of their campus to deliver and discuss the demands. As of Friday afternoon, the occupiers have announced their plans to stay the weekend. Read their blog; follow them on twitter.


15 April 2011

-The doors have been locked to the building, but demonstrators are “allowed to leave”. The admin are saying that they are concerned for the health and safety of the occupiers, stating further that the air is unsafe and the conditions are unsanitary.

8:50pm: Short video.

9:00pm: Police at the doors of the building will not allow anyone to enter the building. Nor will they allow supplies, including food!

16 April 2011

3:24am: Police in riot gear enter through the rear portion of the building while occupiers asleep. They were given 5 minutes to leave. No occupiers were arrested

7:45am: Read the press release here.

Sit-ins and Rallies across multiple CSU campuses

13 April 2011

CALIFORNIA – Students and faculty at around 4 California State University campuses held sit-ins today in administration buildings. Sit-ins and marches to administrative offices took place at: CSU Fresno, Monterey, Sacramento, East Bay, Long Beach, Pomona, Northridge, San Francisco State University, and San Jose State University. Rallies, marches and teach-ins were scheduled at all 23 CSU campuses today as a part of a day of action. AP estimates more than 10,000 participated.

CSU East Bay - 4th floor admin building.

According to AP, around 1000 students and faculty at CSU Sacramento marched from the library quad to an administrative building to deliver a set of petitions, and around 100 demonstrators staged a sit-in demanding the resignation of the CSU Chancellor. Around 800 demonstrators at CSU Long Beach marched to the student services administrative building, but the building was already shut down. These actions take place in the face of the $500 million budget cut to the CSU system (out of a total of $1.4 billion in cuts to CA higher education).


Inside CSU Sacramentos administrative building around 10pm

7:30pm: Reportedly, Sac state students inside their administrative building are staying overnight.

14 April 2011

7:00am: Doors to the admin building are scheduled to be opened. As of a few minutes ago the folks sitting-in are still there. TV news and other press are already present.

~10:00am: Some classes are being held in the occupied space of the administration building.

-Around 35 students decide to continue a second night. Three demands have been made and posted upon their new blog.

15 April 2011

~ 3:00pm: Students are still occupying the main administration building at Sac State. There are plans to stay the night and the occupiers will be releasing a statement soon.

~6:00pm: Occupiers are staying the weekend. More here.

6:15pm: The admin are saying that they are concerned for the health and safety of the occupiers, stating further that the air is unsafe and the conditions are unsanitary. The doors appear to be open now, but its unclear for how long. They are letting people out, but not in.

-See BicycleBarricade for photos.

Governor Slashes CA Higher Ed Budget by $1.4B

10 January 2011

CALIFORNIA – The new California Governor, Jerry Brown announced his intentions to cut $500 M from the UC, another $500 M from the CSU, and $400 M from the Community College system for the coming fiscal year.

The Call from Monterey Bay

14 November 2010

The new issue of “The Call” zine was released recently by our friends at GuerrillaThink. Check it out here!

CSU Board Approves 15% Tuition Hike

10 November 2010

LONG BEACH, California – The California State University Board of Trustees approved a new two-step 15% tuition increase. This fee increase comes on top of a 32% fee increase last fall, and another 5% increase this fall. This news comes on the heels of the new proposed 8% tuition increase for the University of California announced recently by the UC office of the president, which will be voted on next week.

SFSU August Dance Party

28 August 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Hundreds showed up for the first dance party on SFSU’s campus this academic year. At its peak around 600 people were present.

CSUMB Banner Drop

26 August 2010

MONTEREY, California – Student organizers handed out literature and dropped a banner during the “Presidents Barbeque” at CSU Monterey Bay on Sunday, August 22. The University President’s speech, which occurs every year on the day before class starts, had no relevance to students’ lives and once again proved the disconnect between those who attend the university and those who manage it. This year a group of students contributed to the event by passing out copies of CSUMB’s Otter Disorientation Guide, a guide to a more realistic college experience. It also echoed the recent statewide call to action to defend public education on October 7th. Several students dropped a banner over the side of a building that faced the crowd. The sign read “Set Education Free—Strike! Oct. 7th”. The banner was quickly removed, exposing the anti-free speech attitude of those who run the university. (via indybay)

The SFSU 10 Put On Hold

24 August 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Before dawn on December 10th last winter, occupiers of the SFSU business building were arrested. Since then, they have received over $700 in restitution charges by the university, each. As insult to injury, 10 of the students are now forced to pay part of it, $95, before a hold is removed on their registration for classes that began this week. They put a hold on their records without any sort of notification.

SFSU Dance Party

22 August 2010

Friday, August 27 – Dance Party @ San Francisco State University

Location: The Dorms
Time: 9pm.

rsvp facebook.