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California is Occupied

18 November 2009

(note: Updated 1:00am Saturday, November 21)

The Regents of the University of California voted, at UCLA, on 32% fee increases for students from November 17 – 19. (The CSU trustees are also meeting on these dates). Students through out the state of California are in an uproar.

UC Santa Cruz: over 500 students are occupying the Kresge Town Hall as of 3:45pm, Wednesday.

the details: hundreds of students rallied at the two entrances to campus shutting it down for several hours. Another group of 300 students entered into the Kresge Town Hall to create an organizing space around the budget cuts. Later in the evening, students at the entrances joined the others in the Kresge Town Hall. Currently, the space is being used to plan further actions.

UPDATE: As of 3pm, Thursday, UC Santa Cruz’s main administrative building, Kerr Hall has been occupied. Check out this indybay article!

Thursday 5:45pm: still occupied, discussing the night.

Thursday 6:30pm: Alma Sifuentes, Dean of Students has arranged to not call the police (the time frame is unclear) as long as students remain non-violent and do not create physical barricades.

Thursday 6:50pm: The administrators refused to provide a written-copy of the previous agreement.

Friday 12:00am: Students are still in Kerr Hall (~200-300) and another 50 students are in the Kresge Town Hall watching revolutionary films. Kerr Hall is absolutely packed, there is very little space to even sit down in!

Friday 9:00am: All is well. A rally at noon is planned in front of Kerr hall

Friday 4:00pm: No police action imminent, however such has been implied by e-mails sent from administrators. The Academic Senate is meeting and have been discussing the fee hikes, the issues around child care at UCSC, and the occupations. The administration has also cut off internet access, in both wireless and wired forms, which not only potentially demonstrates the administration’s attempt to silence occupiers, but has very realistically damaged student journalists’ ability to report information and upload relevant videos online.

Friday 4:50pm: A correction, a single internet connection appears to be available in Kerr Hall.

Friday evening: The administration has cut off internet completely.  The occupiers have edited their demand list for a more immediate satisfaction, the new demands are listed below (the old demands are still available as well)

Friday Noon Rally – Part 1:

Friday Noon Rally – Part 3:

Friday Noon Rally – Part 5:

Friday Noon Rally – Part 7:

Saturday ~1:00pm: students are in negotiations with administrators. The buildings are still be held. No police presence.

see Demands in english below! Demandas en Español!


UC Berkeley attempted an occupation on Wednesday. Students have been organizing massive actions through out these three days as well.


Friday ~5:00am: 40 Students occupied Wheeler Hall

some students, all demonstrating peacefully/without weapons, have been beaten by police!

Friday ~7:50am: see indybay videos

Friday ~8:00am: Students are barricaded in a classroom or floor, while police attempt to pepper spray through the doors. Students are making announcements from the windows. They need outside support!

Friday ~9:15am: About a 100 students have gathered outside to support the students inside. They need more supporters! The police are responding violently against the occupiers!

Friday ~11:00am: from indybay: Police keep attacking to get in, but the doors are holding strong. Outside a solidarity demonstrator was arrested.Cops sprayed pepper spray through doors earlier and injured an occupier with a baton.

If you can get to UCB now, please come and show support!

Friday ~2:45pm: According to one source, students are in negotiations with police or administrators. They have been given a choice of either having amnesty for all the occupiers or that the approximately 38 workers recently fired are rehired.

Friday 5:10pm: SWAT team is moving in on the barricades!

Friday 5:17pm: SWAT has broken the barricades and are arresting students!

UC Berkeley Occupier’s blog & updates about the actual occupation here.

(from inside Wheeler Hall, UCB)


UCLA, 14 students arrested earlier. UPDATE (8am Thurs): UCLA was occupied

the details: students at UCLA held a “crisis fest” on Wednesday night. At 12am, students go and occupy the campbell hall and rename it the Carter-Huggins Hall, after two black panthers that were murdered in the building. As of this morning the building is still occupied.

Thursday 7:00pm: UCLA has ended their occupation, with 100 people, peacefully.

-see website

-info from LA Times, LA Indymedia


SFSU held a sit-in, that has now ended. See Indybay.


City College of San Francisco, 500 students walked out in solidarity on Wednesday. See Indybay


UC Davis is occupied!

Thursday ~6pm: UCD is still occupied. However students are not being allowed enter. Mrak hall is being surrounded by police and helicopters.

Thursday 7:10pm: UCD police are coming into the occupation. Students have linked arms

Thursday 7:48pm: UCD police are arresting approximately 100 students. This has been confirmed. This was their message to us as they were being arrested:

“This is the end of the beginning. We’ll get out of county lock up and come right back!”

Friday 10:10am: A total of 52 people were arrested, including one professor. They were held for 14 hours in lock up. They’re out now and most of them are doing okay. One student was falsely charged with assault and battery, the rest were charged with trespassing. CNN has been running video clips of police brutality all morning. Their sentiment this morning was to get back to campus and continue fighting back!


Friday 2:30pm: UC Davis occupy/sit-in at Dutton Hall

Friday ~7:00pm: police disperse students at Dutton Hall


CSU Fresno: is occupied!

Friday ~7:20pm: ~100 students entered their library & occupy it. Details at indybay.

Friday 10:00pm: students hold a press conference

Saturday 7:30am: students end study-in

…more updates upcoming