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Harsh Repression Against Student Protesters in Chile

7 October 2011

SANTIAGO, Chile – October 6. Heavy clashes took place this Thursday in several parts of Santiago between Chilean police and marching students, during a day in which the police fired tear gas and water cannons against the protesters. There were 130 arrests, 25 police officers injured, and dozens of civilians wounded. (read more on reclaimUC)

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Occupy Santiago

19 August 2010

SANTIAGO, Chile – Over the past few weeks, students have been revolting over the privatization of education throughout Chile. In Santiago, students have occupied various school buildings, including ‘middle schools’ (i.e. high schools). According to one mainstream news source, over 100 students were arrested.

On wednesday, August 18th, some 3000 university and secondary students marched through Santiago only to be confronted by riot police. Police brutality ensued as they refused to allow students to reach the main ave.