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Chop from the Top

1 September 2010

from occupyLA:

Today [September 1st], several students decided to take back control of their university from big business and little bureaucrats, reclaiming a single building of University of New Orleans’ campus for they, the tuition-payers, themselves.

Despite what benevolent administrators, politicians (student or otherwise), or the police may say, we know that this financial crisis is not ours, and that we will not pay for it.  We know that this “depression” effects us disproportionately and we refuse to allow those who are already hurt to be injured any further.  If there will be cuts, they will be from the very top.

We would like to state how overwhelmingly impressed we were with the organized Walk Out that also took place today.  Y’all are amazing.  Despite the fact that no one “led” the march or “organized” the rally, the students found no trouble whatsoever in finding common ground surrounding the slow and systematic demolition of the only public university available to them in the city of New Orleans.

Unfortunately, after being forcefully removed from a university building by violent, angry campus cops wielding batons and pepper spray, and after the beatings and arrests of two of our fellow students, and after Chief Harrington put a student in a headlock and wrongfully accused him of assault, the faculty, staff, and students alike were able to finally witness the police undeniably affirm all of our accusations–the university and its administration empower their goons, not their students, in order to better serve private interests at the cost of public education.

Please keep our two imprisoned comrades in your thoughts.  Please contact the UNO Campus Police and let them know how nasty you think Chief Harrington is for sicking his officers on students. [UNO PD phone number listed in the previous post]

Again, UNO made us proud today.  We can’t wait to see how students will organize themselves this semester, this year, forever.

This was only the first.

University of New Orleans Occupied!

1 September 2010

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – At 7am (CST) the Milneburg Hall at the University of New Orleans was occupied. However, by 8:40am, UNO PD were on the scene and removed the occupiers. While none of the occupiers were arrested then, at least 2 students have been arrested today during the walkout. Organizers are asking people to call the UNO PD to demand they release the students (UNO PD 504-280-6666). “They were maced and beaten, and then arrested, for peacefully protesting!” More information is available at occupyLA.

stock photo of Milneburg Hall

More photos of the walkout are available here.

UNO to Hold Walkout

31 August 2010

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – Students at the University of New Orleans are holding a walkout Wednesday starting at 10am.

from occupyLA:

While bankers and CEO’s make off with huge sacks of cash in bailouts and undeserved bonuses, and the War in Afghanistan pushes 9 years, we’re told by bewildered-looking politicians that they’ve done all they can for higher-education. What they really mean to say is obvious: that private interests have taken precedence over our lives.

This is hardly news.

The only difference now is that the government and the corporations’ li…es are too blatant for us to ignore anymore. We’re now told we must pay 10% more for a school experiencing manifold worse conditions, after tuition-hikes have already been imposed for several years in a row now. We’re told we have to do this to be successful, although it’s highly uncertain whether our imploding economy will have any work to offer a student with a degree. Meanwhile we’re expected to go deeper into debt to fund our education , while a debt-based economy is what caused this crisis. Their hostilities go on…

By striking we wish to inject direct student control into these issues and more. If the administration won’t represent us than we will represent ourselves. On Wednesday September 1st, instead of going to class for the rest of the day, come to the quad and protest program cuts, fired faculty, tuition hikes and increased fees, and disrupt, “business as usual”.

Read more in Strike Against the Cuts: A Guide to the UNO Crisis.

Banner Drop at University of New Orleans

15 January 2010

Students are being forced to pay more for less. Government bureacrats have slashed the higher education budget for the second straight year. And the cuts are only getting worse. Our tuition has ratcheted up 10% and the Post-Secondary Education Review Commission is discussing as much as a 30% increase next Fall. They have already cut classes and majors, jammed every class to bursting, layed off whole crews of UNO workers, and restricted access to labs and buildings. Dirt is piling up in the buildings and students are watching the classes they need to graduate evaporate.

The economic crisis has come home. This is a crisis created by policymakers in bed with Wall Street, not by the students, faculty, or workers at UNO, and WE WON’T PAY FOR THEIR CRISIS.

De-funding higher education is a sure way to keep Louisiana at the bottom of the heap and destroy any hope of a better future for our state.

This situation is untenable.

We urge faculty to discuss the budget cuts in their classes, the staff to organize strikes as the layoffs continue, and for students to take action against tuition increases and class cuts. Faculty, workers, students: stand together and halt the looting of public higher education in Louisiana!

20 of the 25 highest paid government employees in Louisiana are Louisiana university administrators. LSU System President John Lombardi makes $600,000 a year. What Lombardi hopes for is our silence as he dismantles the university with one hand and stuffs his pocket with the other. That is business as usual, for now, but it rests on our complacency in allowing it to function in this time of crisis.

We are the university, we can shut it down.
-A few fed up UNO students