Annotated Links

This is a (growing) compilation of links to sites, blogs, and groups that have produced updated news, communiques, critiques, theories, and culture surrounding occupations and other important radical projects. Not all of the sites listed below are regularly updated, while the links on the sidebar to the right have regularly updated local news and occupation culture (generally speaking). Note, there are two main sections below. (Last updated: 26.Jun.2012)

I. Occupy – News, theory, and other projects explicitly on occupations and the movements that form them.

  • In the US:
    • In California (circa 2009-10):

    The 2009 California occupation movement began in the Fall of 2009, centered largely on the student movement at the University of California and the California State University systems. The page titled, “Chronology” begins with this movement.

      • occupyUCI: a now defunct blog promoting occupations and the student movement at the University of California, Irvine.
      • OurUniversity: a now defunct University of California, Davis based blog originating from the sit-in at Mrak Hall in November of 2009.
      • occupySFSU: a blog that was formed during the occupation of the business building, renamed the Oscar Grant Memorial Hall, of San Francisco State University. As of 2012, the blog appears to no longer exist; see internet archive.
      • Make Believe Committee: the now defunct blog used for the brief California State University, Fullerton occupation of the Humanities building.
      • Occupy Claremont: a now defunct blog situated in Claremont, east of Los Angeles California.
      • LiveWeek: a now defunct home page for the 2009 UC Berkeley Live-Week occupation of Wheeler Hall. This occupation ended in 66 arrests. See archive.
      • Research and Destroy [Publications/Analysis]: the author(s) responsible for the Communique from an Absent Future, perhaps one of the most influential pieces to come out of the occupations in California in late 2009.
      • Occupy Everything [Opinion/Arts]: a site that was started after being inspired by the 2009 occupations. It’s regularly updated with analysis and interesting projects.
      • La Ventana Collective [News/Analysis]: a group of students based in the San Francisco Bay Area, “who are concerned about our campus, our community, and our world.” Their blog is inspired by the texts of Situationists, and the historic leftist movements in the Bay Area,  Mexico and the rest of Latin America. The site is sporadically updated. (English/Español)
      • ElectroRiot [Culture/Music]: a blog that promotes “electro-communism”, a small cultural phenomena. The songs and sets published here have graced occupations, riots and illegal street-dance parties.
      • Gazuedro [Propaganda/Analysis]: an “autonomous collective” originating during the occupations in California in 2009. They publish propaganda intermittently. Their blog suggests to readers that they, “use this name [gazuedro] freely, we are no one and we are everywhere.” (English)
      • UC Rebel Radio [Culture/Radio]: a website that streams music and other audio content, inspired and inspiring the local occupation movement.
      • Anti-Capital Projects [News/Analysis]: born during the attempted occupation of the University of California, Berkeley Capital Projects Building. It continues to post critiques intermittently.
      • The Imaginary Committee [Culture/Analysis/Propaganda]: home of the 2009 “Occupation, DIY Guide”, one of the center-pieces of the California occupations, and other propaganda pieces. (English)
      • 7-day Weekend [Publications]: a largely defunct zine that produced one issue, in the wake of the 2009 California occupations.
      • After the Fall [Publications]: a journal published in February of 2010 to highlight the successes and energy of the occupation/student movement in the fall of 2009 in California. Along with the journal, an iconic poster was included, which has been reproduced in occupation movements elsewhere.
      • We Are The Crisis [Analysis]: a blog sporadically posting new analysis of the current situation, particularly in California. The title of the blog appears to be eponymous of the banners dropped during the UC Santa Cruz, Graduate Student Commons occupation.
      • We Want Everything [Analysis]: a now defunct blog that often reflected many of the same stories as occupyCA; it carries some select pieces from the fall of 2009.
      • We Are Starting Again: a reading list from Fall 2009.
      • UCLA Resists [News]: A 2009 blog cataloging the events at UCLA during the height of the 2009 student movement.
      • UnCivPro [Analysis]: A group of apparently radical legal scholars producing writings to support the UC Berkeley occupiers. The website is now defunct; see internet archive.
  • Elsewhere in the US (circa 2008-09):
    • Take the City: a New York based occupation news-machine, churning out re-posts and current information from NYC occupations.
    • occupyLA: a blog centering on the occupations and the student movement in Louisiana.
    • New School Reoccupied: a blog centering on the occupations and re-occupation of the New School University, and other news in New York City. (English)
    • UVA Fights Back!: a blog promoting the ideas of occupation at the University of Virginia.
    • UWMoccupied: during the protests over the bill removing collective bargaining rights to state employees in Wisconsin, students at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee occupied the Theater building.
  • The US #Occupy movement (circa 2011)

Formed in the wake of an Adbuster’s campaign, and with the fervent energy of the online diaspora, Anonymous. It began in Wall Street and San Francisco on September 17, 2011. These occupations started with a different political platform, and we use the notation they adopted, using a capitalized “Occupy” and a hashtag, “#”. This is a rapidly evolving movement; so, here are some good sources of info/news:

II. Comrades, Blogs & Other Useful Resources – Other friends we’ve made along the way, and their blogs. Also, some useful resources.

  • In California:
    • Advance the Struggle [Analysis]: a group of comrades based in the East Bay, California. They post a great deal of in-depth analyses on the current economic crisis and local struggles, particularly Justice for Oscar Grant. They identify as “marxist militants” and incorporate horizontal principles.
    • Bay of Rage [News/Opinion]: a site that was established during the summer of 2011 to highlight the radical events and news going on in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s updated regularly.
    • Modesto Anarcho [News/Analysis/Publications]: a group of comrades based in Modesto, California. MA publishes journals periodically, covering issues, news, and analysis from the California Central Valley. The MA crew, “exists to create revolutionary propaganda, foster class consciousness, and participate and engage in class and community based struggles in our area.”
    • Socialism and/or Barbarism [Culture/Literature]: the almost daily blog of the published writer and UC Santa Cruz graduate student, Evan Calder Williams, which hosts an eclectic variety of literary pieces, news on the decline of capitalism and occupations, and film critiques.
    • Dystopolitik [Culture/Analysis]: an eclectic cultural blog rooted strongly in marxist analysis; only sparingly updated.
    • selfcombust [Culture/Analysis]: a left-communist, feminist blog, intermittently updated.
    • Guerrilla Think [News]: friends from California State University, Monterey Bay.
    • ReclaimUC [News]: a University of California, Berkeley based, student movement blog. One of the best resources on whats happening in the bay. (English)
    • Those Who Use It [News/Opinion]: another University of California, Berkeley based blog, greatly inspired by the struggle of Teaching Assistants, other workers, and the student movement. (English)
    • bicycle barricade [News]: a University of California, Davis based blog on the student movement. (English)
    • SerfCityRevolt [News]: based in Santa Cruz, California. Largely defunct as of 2012.
    • ludmila p [News]: a now largely defunct feminist news blog project.
    • She’s A Marxist [Blog]: A political and personal blog based in the bay area.
    • Hyphy-Republic [News/Blog]: based in the East Bay. Steeped in #OccupyOakland
    • CA Prisoner Hunger Striker Solidarity [News/Prisons]: On the 2011 California Prisoner Hunger Strikers.
    • PrimaPorta [Blog]: An apparently Oakland based blog.
    • Escalating Identity [Theory]: Oakland based collective critiquing intersections of Race, Class, and Gender born in the wake of Occupy Oakland.
  • Indymedia [News]: an international news network, with sub-websites reaching around the world, including Indybay. Some indymedia sites are more active than others, as the news content is user generated. (Multilingual)
  • Emancipating Education [News/Students]: a blog promoting the “international student movement”, with up-to-date news on student movements through out the world (multilingual, but often in English).
  • Reclamations [Journal]: A journal, so far on its third issue, regarding the crisis in higher education largely through the lens of the University of California system. Reclamations highlights controversies in UC tuition (and privatization), as well as analysis of occupied spaces and the student movement.
  • Edu-Factory [News/Journal]: “Edu-factory is a transnational collective engaged in the transformations of the global university and conflicts in knowledge production. The website of the global network collects and connects theoretical investigations and reports from university struggles.” (English; Selections in: Español/Italiano)
  • Defend CA Public Education [Org/Students]: A now defunct website dedicated to the California public education movement.
  • Georgia Students [Students]: Students organizing against budget cuts in the US state of Georgia.
  • Chto delat? [News/Russia]: a tireless news blog, with a focus on Russia, from a radical left perspective. They’re (non-blog) website is here. (English)
  • From The Greek Streets [News/Greece]: a remarkable news blog about the radical left in Greece. The site is hosted by Occupied London. (English)
  • Occupied London [Publications]: home of the “Voices of Resistance” journal, which periodically prints news and analysis. They describe themselves as, “an anarchist journal of theory and action.” (English)
  • Fire to the Prisons [Publications]: an insurrectionary anarchist quarterly journal. Although carrying an eclectic array of topics, it’s focus is “to recognize a broader struggle against society as we know it.” (English)
  • Social Rupture [News]: a news blog, interspersed with a variety of links to interesting theory pieces. Strongly influenced by Tiqqun. (English)
  • Signal Fire [News]: a very dedicated news blog. It is constantly being updated with left-communist news. (English)
  • War on Society [News]: insurrectionary news (English).
  • A University Without Students [Propaganda]: a defunct blog with graphics on the student movement in California from 2009-10.
  • Amor y Resistencia! [News]: a now defunct news blog about the coming collapse, in operation since 2006. (English/Español)
  • Polisson [News/France]: a now defunct radical news blog from France, published in English.
  • Petroleuse Press [Publications/Theory]: Produces nicely formatted left-communist zines, often times to modernize older out-of-print texts.
  • Zine Library [Publications/Library]: An abundant library of zines from a largely Anarchist perspective.
  • libcom [News/Library]: A massive resource on Libertarian-Communism–one of the best resources on the internet.
  • Burnt Bookmobile [Blog]: based out of Milwaukee, covering world events.
  • The New Inquiry [Publications/Culture]: An online monthly magazine and blog about culture and politics.
  • El Enemigo Comun [News]: An international media collective with a focus on news from Oaxaca, Mexico. (English/Español)
  • Claire Fontaine [Theory]: A French collective with some translations of Tiqqun.
  • SubRosa [Library]: The home page for the anarchist info-shop in Santa Cruz, CA.
  • B.A.N.G. lab [Theory]: The home page for Ricardo Dominguez (professor at UC San Diego).
  • Black Orchid Collective [Analysis]: Anti-capitalists from Seattle, Washington.
  • Unity & Struggle [Analysis]: “Unity and Struggle began in 2003 among a number of activists primarily involved in anti-Israeli apartheid work… Some of the areas of work we are or have been involved in include labor, anti-budget cuts in the schools, anti-racist, anti-apartheid, queer liberation work, as well as around public transportation.”
  • [News]: A online TV production by Frank Lopez (a.k.a. Stimulator) humorously covering news from a green/insurrectionary perspective. Additionally, Lopez directed the documentary END:CIV. (English)
  • AntiStateSTL [News/Analysis]: self described as, “a clearinghouse for anti-capitalist news and analyses in metro St. Louis.” (English)
  • TheCommune [News/Analysis]: left communist, perhaps anti-state communist, news blog with frequent updates based in London. They also produce a paper/zine with editorials.
  • End Notes [Theory/Journal]: a journal on communization with a beautiful design and filled with insightful analysis. End Notes is self described as, “an irregularly published communist theoretical journal produced by a discussion group of the same name based in Britain and the US. The original group was formed in Brighton, UK in 2005 primarily from former members of the journal Aufheben, after a critical exchange between Aufheben and the French journal Théorie Communiste.”
  • Theorie Communiste [Theory/Journal]: Along side its contemporaries, such as Aufheben and Tiqqun, Theorie Communiste or TC is a French journal steeped in communization theory.
  • Sic [Theory/Journal]: a journal on communization, translated into English, French and a bit of Swedish.
  • Riff-Raff [Theory/Journal]: a site dedicated to the Riff Raff journal which explores communization theory. (Swedish/English)
  • TPTG [Theory]: Τα Παιδιά της Γαλαρίας or The Children of the Gallery is a Greek group with origins in the 1990’s with analysis on Greek austerity and communization. (Greek/English/French/Spanish/Czech)
  • Troploin [Theory]: some of the writings of Gilles Dauve, a left communist theorist. (English/French)
  • BlauMachen [Theory]: a site with articles on communization theory with translations in Greek, French, English, and other languages.
  • [Analysis/Zines]: a site with high quality zines on the worker’s life under capitalism.
  • Recomposition [News/Analysis]: an apparently Canadian based blog on proletarian life, unions, and current movements. Editors of this blog are all members of the IWW.
  • Struggles in Italy [News]: news from Italy on current social movements. (English)

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