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March Against Berkeley Police

11 March 2013

March 12 – 6:30pm – People’s Park

from Indybay:

On February 12th Berkeley Police murdered Kayla Moore. Kayla Moore lived
with “mental illness” and has been described by friends and family as a
Transgender person who “passed as a woman.”


Anti-Capitalist Rally & March Against Police Repression

8 March 2013

from Indybay:

March 15 – Oscar Grant Plaza, Oakland

All over the world, left-wing and anarchist activists are facing ever-growing repression from the capitalist state and its agents: the police. In the bay, we face our own struggles as our self-organized spaces are evicted, and our comrades are dragged through the legal system and put behind bars. We must stand strong in the face of the enemy.

Solidarity means attack!

8:00 PM
Wear Black