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50,000 Students Protest in London; Conservative Party HQ Raided

10 November 2010

LONDON, England – Around 50,000 students marched through London today protesting the tuition increases, a protest organized by the National Union of Students. Thousands of students have since broken off from the main march and raided Millbank Tower, where the Conservative Party is headquartered. Students broke the windows on the main floor, and hundreds filled the lobby of the building. Police beat back the students, but as of this writing, students are still in the courtyard of the building. So far, 5 police have been reportedly injured; a total of 10 police and students have been taken to the hospital. Protesters have thrown bottles and other items, some on fire, at the police line. A bonfire has been lit in the courtyard. Picket signs have been lit on fire. Demonstrators have thrown fire extinguishers and other items at the police from the roof of the Millbank Tower.

The president of the NUS has condemned the property destruction and students fighting back the police as “disgusting”, while many students present at the building are reporting the necessity of displaying the anger of students.

Update: As of around 5:30pm in London, the demonstrators have largely dissipated.

Watch a video of the initial occupation here.