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Two Texts from the Latest UC Occupations

22 November 2014

from Ruine des Kapitals:



Read more:
Education Should Be Free
The Open UC

CCSF Conlin Hall Sit-in

21 February 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, California – On Thursday afternoon, some 30 students began a sit-in at the Conlin Hall building at the City College of San Francisco, Ocean Campus in response to the ongoing accreditation issues facing the college. Demonstrators have published a list of demands directed at Chancellor Thelma Scott-Skillman, including:

1. Call on the Board of Trustees to reverse all cuts to classes, services, staff, and faculty. Stop downsizing the mission of CCSF and promote equity.

2. Organize town hall forums at all campuses so that students can have their voices heard.

3. Make a public statement calling for Prop A funds to be used for education as voters intended. Call on City Hall to give CCSF a bridge loan until Prop A and Prop 30 funds become available.

4. Speak out against CCSF being put on “Show Cause” without prior sanction. Call on the Department of Education to take action to stop the ACCJC’s misuse of the accreditation process.

UPDATE: Demonstrators ended their sit-in the following day after agreeing to organize town hall forums. Read more.

Upcoming January Events

27 December 2011

NYE – Prison Solidarity March and Party – 9pm Oscar Grant Plaza

1 Jan.Oscar Grant Memorial – 1pm Oscar Grant Plaza

7 Jan.Anti-Police Repression March – 8pm Oscar Grant Plaza

8 Jan.Feminist/Queer Block – Noon to 5pm at 19th & Telegraph

9. Jan. – American Licorice Strike/Picket – Beginning at 5am at 2477 Liston Way, Union City, CA. Additional support is needed at 2:30pm to 11pm.

19 Jan.UC Regents Meeting at UC Riverside Protest

22 Jan.Justice for Kenneth Harding Jr – Noon at Third & Palou in Bay View, SF

  • More on Kenneth Harding Jr.

28 Jan.Occupy Oakland Building Occupation – 5pm Oscar Grant Plaza


  • #OccupyOakland establishes a new encampment on Tuesday, 27 December at 21st and Mandela in West Oakland. The encampment is being called the Cypress Triangle. Update: Cypress Triangle was evicted shortly after being established, much like at many other reoccupations.

#Occupy Digest

8 October 2011

In the wake of the recent #Occupy movement, we wanted to create a running digest of some helpful resources for information and critiques. (None of the following are endorsements. This list is not comprehensive.)

#Occupy Critiques/Analysis:

#Occupy News Sources:

#Occupy on Twitter:

Using twitter to find out what’s going on is sometimes your best bet. Go to the search page on twitter and type in “#Occupy” and then the city name all in one word, eg. #OccupySF (note, it’s not case-sensitive). #OccupyWallStreet is also shortened to #OWS. FYI, the hashtags are twitter users’ way of categorizing tweets. Here’s a short list of some users who frequently post news:

See Also:

  • This statement from #OccupyBoston about supporting a diversity of tactics.