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Anti-Police Demo in Oakland

29 October 2011

OAKLAND, California – Several hundred demonstrators began marching through Oakland at around 8:15pm on Saturday, wearing all black to mourn for Oscar Grant and all victims of police brutality. Police wore gas masks, even from the beginning of the march.


8:50pm – Police blocking demonstrators from getting to OPD headquarters.

8:55pm – Around 500-1000 demonstrators amassed in front of a few thin lines of police standing between them and OPD headquarters. The police won’t let them pass Clay st.

9:05pm – They’re on the move again, up 8th, but police are blocking them from getting any close to OPD headquarters, jail, and the county buildings.

9:10pm – Marching (east) up Broadway.

9:26pm – On 17th and Broadway chanting, “New York is Oakland. Oakland is New York. Egypt is Oakland. Oakland is Egypt. Denver is Oakland. Oakland is Denver. Greece is Oakland. Oakland is Greece. Chile is Oakland. Oakland is Chile. Africa is Oakland. Oakland is Africa.”

9:30pm – Chanting, “We’re Scott Olsen.”

9:40pm – Marching down West Grand.

9:50pm – “We are all Oscar Grant.”

(via OaklandNorth)

10:20pm – A brief, but intense confrontation with the police on Brush st. as several squad cars pulled up and a dozen or so riot police forced the crowd away — presumably from the highway. The crowd moved on, back towards downtown.

10:30pm – 14th and Broadway, in front of Oscar Grant Plaza. Moments ago, police recruiting station window smashed.