Police seize control of U-PR


Police seized control of one of the largest universities in the Caribbean on Friday, acting on orders of the vice chancellor as dozens of students continued a three-week strike to protest budget cuts and changes to the academic program.

More than 250 police officers arrived before dawn and barred anyone from entering the University of Puerto Rico, where dozens of students have camped out inside since late April.

“The order is to close all gates,” Police Col. Miguel Mejias Cruz told The Associated Press. “We are not going to allow anything or anyone to come in.”

The father of one student who tried to take his son food and water was arrested after getting into a scuffle with police, Mejias said.

On Thursday, hundreds of students flocked to San Juan’s convention center and voted to continue the strike indefinitely.

Some students said Friday that authorities had cut the university’s water service, but Water Authority spokeswoman Edith Seda said the agency had not received any such order.

Two protests were scheduled for Friday.

Interim Chancellor Ana Guadalupe has said the strike will delay the graduation scheduled for June 17 and enrollment in August, and will affect students who have been accepted to universities abroad.

original AP article here.

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