UPR Strike: Eviction Deadline Today!


PUERTO RICO – The University of Puerto Rico president, José Ramón de la Torre, has given the strikers until 4:00pm today (correction 1:00pm PDT) to vacate the strike. 10 of the 11 campuses voted to continue striking and this morning students announced their plans to stay. Students have been on strike now for 47 days.

During the strike, students have allowed workers and researchers to enter campus, but today the administration is circumventing some employees from entering. Last night, the administration sent police helicopters to survey UPR Rio Piedras campus through out the night at low altitude, keeping students awake.


4:30pm (1:30pm PDT): Students are holding a press conference, discussing the lawsuit the UPR administration has brought against the student council and some of the members of the negotiating committee.

5:00pm (2pm PDT): Strikers are calling on students and community members to come out in support, but the administration’s deadline has come and gone and nothing has happened yet.


10:40am: 6 economists estimate that the university’s budget on advertising is around $5,200, however the administration has now spent close to a million dollars on advertising against the student strike.

One Response to “UPR Strike: Eviction Deadline Today!”

  1. Student Power: Puerto Rico and Zagreb « chtodelat news Says:

    […] June 1. Members of the student negotiating committee at the University of Puerto Rico, where students at all 11 campuses have been on strike since late April, report on the progress of the negotiations and explain their demands. Unfortunately, talks have now apparently broken down and the university administration has resorted to threats of legal action and the use of repressive police actions. Details here and here. […]

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