#OccupyOakland Sieged and Mass Arrested


OAKLAND, California – Much like dozens of other cities now, the city of Oakland has sent police to dismantle one of the #Occupations in Oakland. Occupiers have been at Frank Ogawa Plaza, renamed Oscar Grant Plaza, for two weeks now, but were given several dispersal letters over the passed several days demanding they vacate.

Police dragging and arresting an occupier

Around a 100yd line of arrestees (from zunguzungu)

Police arrived Tuesday morning at around 4:30am, in numbers that at least one officer reported to the media was, “Largest police operation I’ve seen.” Witnesses put the police count at around 500 (similar numbers to July 8, 2010 Oscar Grant protest). Occupiers prepared themselves by barricading the encampment using whatever materials were at hand, but police were able to break through and detain people. Police claim that protesters used tear gas against them, while witnesses claim otherwise, stating that police donned gas masks before any gas was released. Police also allegedly used rubber bullets, flash grenades, and an LRAD, a pain inducing sound cannon. So far, around 75 appear to be arrested. Tents have been removed.

Police at Snow Park occupation.

Oscar Grant Plaza post-raid

Watch on livestream. Read more on Indybay. Live on mainstream news. More photos


Organizers are asking folks to reconvene now at 14th and Franklin as of around 5:30am.

5:56am – Police filing back down 14th street.

6:00am – 12st BART station has been shutdown.

6:05am – REPOST: “Occupy Oakland emergency reconvergence plan activated. Reconverge 4pm at Oakland public library main branch 14th & Madison. TELL EVERYONE. Mayor Jean Quan’s Office # 510-238-3141 CALL NOW let her know what you think of the raid. BART shuts down Oakland City Center stop to prevent people from coming to Occupy Oakland to protest police eviction.”

6:17am – Around 150 Police officers are raiding the other Oakland occupation at Snow Park.

10:45am – a few folks tried to set up tents at snow park again, but police forced them to take it down



One Response to “#OccupyOakland Sieged and Mass Arrested”

  1. Peter Anthony Says:

    Oakland is being used as a “proving ground” for further attacks on
    protesters in other cities across the U.S.A., be prepared for some unusual and extreme tactics being deployed by the Police and REMEMBER the primary role of the police is to protect vested interests. YOU are the enemy and will be treated as such. PB (UK)

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